Vision, Mission and Values


Achieve a sustainable supply chain, cherished by our people and which makes them proud, led by Molinero/Friólvega, and with our customers as our beacon.

Offer a comprehensive logistics solution through specialized services that cover the entire supply chain, ensuring at all times the quality and safety of the products that our customers entrust to us.



  • Personalized attention to the CUSTOMER, seeking the understanding and satisfaction of their needs.
  • Fostering the talent of PEOPLE and their professional growth.
  • Establishment of stable relationships of trust with our COLLABORATORS and their professional growth.
  • Taking advantage of new TECHNOLOGIES to obtain the best results with the least impact on the environment.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of all our processes, as a way to achieve excellence and the satisfaction of all interested parties.
  • Respect for the SOCIETY of which we are a part, through compliance with social, labor, environmental and commercial regulations.